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Cissus Rhombifolia



  • Cissus ivy has been a favorite houseplant of indoor gardeners for decades. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find at your local nursery since only a few American growers are still producing it. But, Cissus is well worth a search and adding to your collection of interesting indoor plants and elegant hanging baskets.
  • Grape Ivy (aka Cissus rhombifolia) so called because its leaves resemble those of grapevines and its small, dark berries resemble grapes.
  • These plants are very easy to grow, make excellent potted houseplant and hanging plants indoors.
  • In some areas of the southern United States, Grape Ivy can grow outdoors (but prefers partial shade) and makes an excellent ground cover or climbing plant for trellises and as a climbing plant for pergolas.
  • Ivy plants indoors do well in bright indirect light. The plant can tolerate low light settings but will need pinching back frequently as it stretches toward any light source.