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Cotyledon Pendens



  • You will receive 3 fresh succulent cuttings of Cotyledon pendens with approximately 2” length, hand selected from our nursery. The succulent cuttings will cut fresh before shipping. We ensure the premium quality succulent plant cuttings.
  • Cotyledon pendens is an unique trailing succulent, best hanging plants for home decoration, DIY terrarium projects and wedding favor
  • All live plants are hand selected & cut with care from our greenhouse, to ensure you fresh, healthy and beautiful plants
  • Everyone loves receiving succulents as a gift, from moms and dads to gardma’s and grandpas. Our succulent cuttings are sure to put a simle on anyone’s face no matter the person or occasion
  • Cotyledon pendens is also known as the Cliff Cotyledon because in its natural surroundings in South Africa it grows on sheer cliff faces. Cotyledon pendens is a rare succulent shrublet with hanging stems up to 2 feet long. The leaf surface is whitish grey-green due to the powdery bloom, the leaf margin is an attractive reddish color. The inflorescence is produced at the ends of the branches. The flowers are bell shaped, orange-red, up to 1.6 inches long, with a cylindrical tube slightly bulging