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Lithops (Mini)



  • These Baby Seedlings are Perfect for Lithops Starter. 8 Rare live exotic BABY lithops plants. 12 Months Old Seedling. Diameter: 0.3-0.5 Inch. We will guarantee varieties.
  • The different species and varieties of Lithops have different colors and patterns on the leaves.
  • Please check the Seedling SIZE, These are Year Old Seedlings. Our plants are shipped bare root (without soil), individually wrapped.
  • Growing Lithops is harder and requires more attention than other succulent and cactus plants. Depending on the Lithop growing season, sometimes lithops will begin to naturally split, crack etc. Lithops can have scars on their sides and on top, this is natural and doesn’t mean your lithop is dying. Lithops split. Any scarring is not permanent and will be shedded when they split! This is a natural process with Lithops. Sometimes they just die. No reason, it just happens.